The STIF Competency Programme is a nationally recognised training and assessment qualification in sexual health developed and administered by the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) through its educational arm, the Sexually Transmitted Infections Foundation (STIF). It is a modular competency-based training and assessment package for non-specialist and specialist healthcare professionals requiring skills development to manage people with sexually transmitted infections.

There are currently four levels of qualification:



Suitable for pharmacists, GUM healthcare assistants, health advisors, doctors and nurses to deliver a Level 1 standard service
Sexual Health Advising

Suitable for Health Advisers working in a Specialist Sexual Health/Genito-Urinary Medicine setting or an Integrated GUM/CASH setting

Suitable for doctors and nurses to develop skills and competence in diagnosing and managing uncomplicated STIs to deliver more specialised STI services in primary care

Having attained STIFIntermediate Competency, this is suitable for doctors and senior nurses to develop skills, experience and competence in order to lead and deliver a Level 2 standard sexual health service

Trainees successfully completing the STIF Intermediate and Advanced competencies will be registered on the national STIFCompetency database of accredited healthcare professionals.