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The STIF Integrated Competency Training and Assessment training package is now available.

STIFIntegrated Competency is a clinical training package to train and assess the knowledge and competence of healthcare professionals in the management of contraception in Integrated GUM/CASH clinic settings and has therefore been designed for those working in services where they also require training in the management of symptomatic STIs. STIFIntegrated Competency is also applicable for those working in a Primary Care setting.

STIF Integrated can be completed at the same time as STIF Intermediate or can follow on from successful STIF Intermediate Competency certification. It culminates in accreditation and certification with BASHH through 'The STI Foundation'. The trainee will be registered on the STIFIntegrated Competency database. A revalidation process is required every 5 years to maintain registration.

STIF Integrated is NOT a standalone contraceptive qualification. Trainees predominantly interested in contraceptive qualification pursue the DFSRH training pathway.

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