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Please note new STIF ADVANCED registration fees which take effect from 1 August 2020:
  1. £325 plus VAT per trainee for non-BASHH members.
  2. £275 plus VAT for BASHH members.

STIFAdvanced Competency is a clinical training package to train and assess the knowledge and competence of healthcare professionals in the diagnosis and management of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). It is specifically designed for those who wish to lead a Level 2 standard sexual health service and provides a framework to ensure sufficient experience is gained to fulfill this role. 

You must hold a valid certificate of STIFIntermediate Competency in order to register for the STIF Advanced Competency programme. To download a registration form please Click Here

To access more detailed information please click on the boxes above as appropriate.

To see a list of STIF Competency Registered Trainers and Assessors please Click Here

STIF Advanced Competency Training and Assessment includes a number of e-learning sessions which need to be completed ideally before the training and assessment element commences.
You can download the information about the e-learning modules and how to register by clicking here.
You do not need to be registered on the STIF Advanced Competency programme to undertake the e-learning sessions.