STIF Intermediate Competency

Trainee Criteria and Competencies to be Assessed

What does STIFIntermediate Competency training involve?

STIFIntermediate Competency involves intensive and tailored one-to-one clinical training and assessment by GUM specialists in a clinic setting. Depending on prior experience in sexual health it will require an average of 10 clinical sessions (40 hours) but can be up to 15 clinical sessions (60 hours) for those with little previous experience. It is not ‘sitting in with a trainer’ or ‘doing clinics unsupervised’

  1. training - in the early stages a trainee may observe the clinical trainer carrying out a consultation or be closely supervised carrying out a consultation or
  2. assessment - the trainee carries out a consultation while being assessed by the clinical trainer using mini-Clinical Examination Exercise [mini-CEX] forms

Which competencies will be assessed?

Core competencies:

  • taking a sexual history
  • offering screening for STIs including Chlamydia
  • male & female examination
  • diagnostic testing & interpretation
  • management of female genital discharge
  • management of genital warts
  • offering advice on safer sex
  • assessment and management of need for Post Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV following Sexual Exposure (PEPSE)
  • effective partner notification
  • HIV testing

Additional optional competencies (assessment dependent on trainee skill & experience):

  • management of male urethral discharge (compulsory if there is on-site microscopy at a trainee's)
  • bimanual pelvic examination
  • management of genital herpes infection

It is anticipated that doctors will aim to achieve all competencies but nurses may not achieve the additional competencies unless they have significant clinical and sexual health experience.

Knowledge & skills required for STIFIntermediate Competency training




STIF Core theory course or equivalent*



e-Learning for Healthcare (eLfH) sessions in the Sexual Health & HIV (eHIV-STI) project



STIF Plus theory course*



Vaginal speculum examination experience



*The necessary knowledge may also be achieved through other equivalent theory based STI courses or in-house training but all the elements of the STIF Core day must be covered. It is up to the Registered STIF Competency to approve this; it is ultimately the responsibility of the Registered STIF Competency Trainer to determine that the trainee has the appropriate level of knowledge and practical clinical experience to undertake the STIF Intermediate Competency training and assessments. 

The Learning Objectives of the STIF Core and STIF Plus courses are available HERE to check equivalency.