STIF Intermediate Competency

Introduction to STIFIntermediate Competency training and assessment


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STIF IC Trainees
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Information for
STIF IC Trainees
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STIF Intermediate Competency involves intensive and tailored one-to-one clinical training and assessment by Sexual Health specialists within a Sexual Health clinic setting. 

STIF Intermediate Competency training must be carried out by Registered STIF Competency Trainers - Click Here

Registration Fees:
  1. £325 plus VAT per trainee for non-BASHH members.
  2. £275 plus VAT for BASHH members.

Please note if an external clinical attachment is necessary for the training and assessments to be carried out, the provider clinic may make a charge to provide the training in addition to the STIF Competency Registration fee.

You now have 2 registration options:

  1. STIFIntermediate Competency registration only - Click Here
  2. STIFIntermediate-Integrated Competency registration - Click Here
    STIFIntegrated can be completed at the same time as STIFIntermediate or can follow on from successful STIFIntermediate Competency certification.

Registering for STIF Intermediate Competency - what to do next?

Trainee registration criteria
Learning outcomes 
Competencies assessed 
STIF Intermediate Competency E-learning 

Trainees successfully completing the STIF Intermediate Competency programme are registered on the national STIF Intermediate Competency database of accredited healthcare professionals. Revalidation is required every five years.

If you have any questions, please contact STIF Secretariat using the contact box below