STIF Intermediate Competency

Clinical Trainer Registration and Information

STIFCompetency Trainer and Assessment Lead Specification and Registration form - Click Here

All trainers must attend the STIFCompetency Train the Trainer (TTT) event before commencing any training or assessments. All trainers must attend at least one TTT event every five years to maintain their trainer registration.If you have not attended or cannot attend the next TTT event, but have a trainee needing training, please contact the STIF secretariat using the contact form below.

If you fulfil the above requirements, you can register as a Named Clinical Trainer now by completing the registration form above. Your name will then appear on a list of registered STIFCompetency Trainers which can be accessed by potential trainees. In addition, you will be sent a user name and password to access the STIFIntermediate Competency trainer materials.

The STIFCompetency Train the Trainer workshop is an annual event. For more information - Click Here

For the comprehensive STIFIntermediate Competency Clinical Trainer Guide - Click Here