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STIF Foundation Courses and COVID19

The STIF Foundation Group is aware that the COVID19 virus is likely to impact the STIF Core and STIF Plus theory courses.  The Group recognises that meetings and educational events are likely to be curtailed at the present time - partly because of the need to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus and partly as the NHS may not be in a position to support staff taking time out for CPD activities.

  • Decisions regarding whether to cancel or postpone courses are left to the discretion of the local STIF Course Directors and Course Organisers.  
If you have any further queries, please contact your local course organiser.

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Having attended the STIF Foundation Theory Course, you may wish to progress onto the STIF Competency Programme which is a nationally recognised competency based training and assessment qualification in sexual health. For more information - Click Here

You may also wish to attend the STIF PLUS Day every 5 years or so, to keep yourself updated.

For all STIF Course enquiries about registration costs, timings etc, please contact the local STIF Course organiser for more information.