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STIF Foundation Courses and COVID19

 The STIF Foundation Group is aware that the COVID19 virus is likely to impact the STIF Core and STIF Plus theory courses.  The Group recognises that meetings and educational events are likely to be curtailed at the present time - partly because of the need to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus and partly as the NHS may not be in a position to support staff taking time out for CPD activities.

Decisions regarding whether to cancel or postpone courses are left to the discretion of the local STIF Course Directors and Course Organisers.  But please notify the STIF Secretariat of cancellation or postponement using the contact form below.
Communication with registered/potential delegates is also the responsibility of the local STIF Course Directors and Organisers. The STIF website will direct any queries about local courses as appropriate.
BASHH-STIF does not require payment of any fees if courses are cancelled.  The invoice for the BASHH-STIF registration element will continue to be raised post-course based on actual attendance if your course goes ahead. 
The Group is exploring alternative course delivery methods, possibly over the Internet but the number of delegates would probably need to be significantly less. 

STIF Course Background Information

With the introduction of the e-Learning for Health teaching, the format of STIF has been updated to utilise the benefits of delivering knowledge to delegates on-line. The STIF Foundation Course comprises a STIF CORE Day and a STIF PLUS Day, which can be run back to back as in the past or spaced across several days as appropriate. Delegates will be expected to have undertaken several of the e-learning sessions before they attend. If you have previously run STIF Foundation Courses, you can market STIF PLUS as a stand-alone update day for delegates who have attended your earlier courses.

STIF Course Registration and Administration

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STIF Course materials are reviewed and duly updated in June every year. Please do not re-use materials or presentations from previous years. The materials can only be used to support the STIF Foundation Course. PLEASE NOTE ALL MATERIALS BELONG TO BASHH AND ARE SUBJECT TO COPYRIGHT.

STIF Course Resources Download

The STIF Course director and organiser can download the STIF Course Facilitators’ Manual, supporting PowerPoints and resources using the passwords provided on registration - Click Here (Log On Required)