STIF Intermediate Competency

Introduction to STIFIntermediate Competency training and assessment


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Information for
STIF IC Trainees
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STIFIntermediate Competency registration
If you require an invoice to be raised for your registration, please contact the STIF secretariat using the contact form below.

STIFIntermediate Competency Training is carried out by registered STIFIntermediate Competency Trainers - Click Here

You now have 2 registration options:

  1. STIFIntermediate Competency registration only - Click Here
  2. STIFIntermediate-Integrated Competency registration - Click Here
    STIFIntegrated can be completed at the same time as STIFIntermediate or can follow on from successful STIFIntermediate Competency certification.
    STIFIntegrated is NOT a standalone contraceptive qualification. Trainees predominantly interested in contraceptive qualification pursue the DFSRH training pathway.

To access more detailed information and to find out the next steps please click on the boxes above as appropriate.

STIFIntermediate Competency: E-learning for trainees

STIF Intermediate Competency Training and Assessment includes a number of e-learning sessions which need to be completed ideally before the training and assessment element commences.

You can download the information about the e-learning modules and how to register by clicking here.

You do not need to be registered on the STIF IC programme to undertake the e-learning sessions.